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How To Organize A Successful Event

  1. Site
  2. Technical equipment
  3. Program and speakers
  4. Website / page creation
  5. Creating a visual image
  6. Ticket sales and closing documents
  7. Promotion
  8. Partners and sponsors
  1. Playground After selecting the theme of the event, analyze who your audience is, assess its scope and proceed to solve one of the tasks – choosing a site for the event. It is necessary to choose a site not with the help of intuition, but based on experience (your own or other organizers).

It is not enough to see photos of the object. If the site is not familiar, then evaluate it in advance “live” in order to avoid misunderstandings. Care must be taken to ensure that the venue is convenient and practical for speakers and spectators. Check-in advances the presence of pointers so that no one gets lost before starting. Otherwise, instead of tracking the program plan, you will spend time coordinating the “losses”. Leave a few options to choose from. Then you can easily decide which one is most suitable. If the site is open, then in case of changing weather conditions, you should install awnings in advance. Do not forget to enter into a detailed contract with the site, registering all the smallest nuances.

Technical equipment 
No large-scale event takes place without special equipment. You can not do without a well-set light and sound. In case of rent of professional equipment, check the provision of permits and agreed on documents for installation and assembly. Installation of technical equipment – only part of the work. After all, without a constant supply of electricity, nothing will work. Consider the uninterrupted connection of devices to avoid energy overload. Some equipment requires approvals at the city level. Take into account these requirements in the selection of technology, especially this rule applies to the use of special effects. Remember, the organizer solves technical and domestic issues. Do not forget to enter into an agreement and connect to the work of the catering service, which will be engaged in servicing the recreation and food areas, and cleaning service to maintain cleanliness and comfort during and after the event. 

Program and speakers
At this stage, you already know who will be the main guest of the event, as well as its program. Always keep in touch with speakers and speakers. If the organization is engaged in several people, then you should not differ information about the date, place, time and duration of the event. Before the start of the event, make a clear program by the minute (timing) so that no unexpected changes occur. Familiarize yourself with the presentations of the speakers or the concert program of the musicians, and make sure that the allotted time is enough. Take into account breaks. Viewers get tired of a busy schedule – this also needs to be taken into account. If an event requires registration or a purchased ticket, think in advance about the mechanism for checking participants. Finally, assign the responsible and rehearse all the details. It is impossible to get out of the schedule. 

Creating a website/event page 

In the courtyard of the 21st century. Time distribution of paper invitations and flyers long gone. It is time to take on modern artillery in the form of sites, landing pages, pages in social networks, etc. Creating such a page (landing page) is easiest with the help of special constructors. They do not require programming skills, everyone can work with them. For example, take specialized service Nethouse. Events. He is sharpened by the organizers. The service allows creating event pages with or without registration, selling tickets online, etc. In half an hour with the help of a convenient editor, you will create an event page yourself, managing settings and blocks: cover, description, speakers, partners, program, photo and video, contacts, reviews, etc. The theme (design) can be changed at any time in a couple of mouse clicks. As a result, you get a responsive page that is equally displayed on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Directly from the created page, you can share a link to events in all popular social networks. Promotion plays an important role in the success of the event, so we devoted a separate section of the article to this.

Creating a visual image 
Few things, except for a bright melody, are remembered faster than a strong visual image. The logo is unique in the sense that it makes an impression on people, whether in an email or a poster on the street. This image accompanies you and organized the event all the way – from the website to bags and t-shirts. It will become the way delegates will associate with an event or conference. People visit them for various reasons, but more often they want to have fun, learn new information and be inspired. He should simultaneously inspire people and give them a message of the event. Spend a couple of minutes and create a visual image of the event using an online service such as Logaster. By creating your own logo, you put a piece of yourself in it. People will appreciate this. 

Sale of tickets and closing documents 
Often, difficulties in organizing begin right here. For example, to connect ticket sales, one has to go to the bank and make an “identification” payment. Or independently engage in the preparation of closing documents for corporate clients. Or wait a few days for withdrawal, and give a commission of up to 15% for withdrawal. Service Nethouse. Events tried to take into account all these negative aspects and remove some of the headaches from the organizers. 

Advertise events in all available ways. Start simple – tell about it on the pages on social networks. If you have already organized such an event, make a mailing to its participants. Try different types of paid traffic: in search and advertising networks of Yandex and Google, in tapes on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram. Do not forget to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels using Yandex. Metrics and Google Analytics. To do this, mark all links with UTM tags and set goals for registering or buying a ticket, depending on the specific event. Cut off everything that does not work for you. 

Partners and sponsors 
They can not only increase the reach of the audience but also attract additional funds and activities (prize drawing, a photographer, an entertainment program during breaks, etc.). In addition, attracting influential partners can raise the status of the event and attract more audiences. Partners in return receive brand advertising. As a rule, a special zone is allocated on which their stands are located. 

Organizing an event is a difficult process, so it’s very important to plan everything. Create a checklist and break it into blocks, for example, “Attracting participants”, “Starting a landing page”, “Site”, “Speakers”. If you are organizing an event, not one, assign a person responsible for each unit. Also, do not forget to enter into agreements with sponsors and counterparties. Remember that the more events you hold, the better it will be and the less time it takes to prepare. Good luck!