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4 Ways To Create A Banner For The Site

  1. What is a banner?
  2. How to create a banner?
  3. Banner Design Tips
Banner advertising has long been an integral part of Internet marketing. But why do some sentences work fine, while others just cause irritation? In this article, we will look at the basic principles of the successful operation of banners on the site, as well as present online and offline ways to create them.


What is a banner?
In fact, the banner on the site looks and performs the same functions as the street banner, which is familiar to everyone. Those. this is an advertisement. But on the Internet – by clicking on the button, the user can immediately go directly to the page of the advertised product or service. Plus banners on the site are often also animated, which undoubtedly highlights the ad unit on the page. The size, expressed in pixels, is initially 468 x 60.

As a rule, a banner consists of three elements :
background image with or without the theme of the site/blog. For example, a culinary blog may contain a photograph of the ingredient as a clue.
logo: visual identification of the site, representing a graphic or textual representation of the brand/site.
text or slogan: a slogan or text allows you to recognize the brand and understand the theme of the site. Here, place the action button or “call to action” in the color of the brand.
If we talk about the size, then you should not create banners for all available formats, use the most efficient (sizes are in pixels): 336 x 280, 300 x 250, 728 x 90, 160 x 600 and 300 x 600.

Banner sizes
Let us dwell on this point:
300 × 250 and 336 × 280: especially work well in the text or at the end of the article
728 × 90: the so-called classic. The rectangular format that looks best at the top of the pages.
300 × 600: the format is intended for advertising. The main focus should be on the visual component.
320 × 100: format for mobile versions of the site.
But for animated banners, there will be a choice between Flash or HTML5. We recommend giving preference to the latter, as more popular and universal.

How to create a banner?
Ways to create banners set. We propose to consider 4 main solutions:

1 – Designer
If your budget allows and you need a high-quality banner, then this solution is for you. Find a designer will help such platforms: Odesk, Elance, Fiverr, etc. How much is it? At Fiverr, the price of the service starts at $ 15.

But before you make your choice, be sure to ask for the designer’s portfolio. So, you get a basic idea of ​​his work, style and whether he can implement your idea.

2 – Graphic Editors
Feel like an artist and have the skills to work with graphic editors? Then this option is perfect for you and you can create a banner yourself.
For this creative process, you need to choose software: Photoshop, Gimp, etc.
If you do not have work skills and functional knowledge, then start with training. There are a lot of educational videos on Youtube, just a few of the hundreds of lessons on how to create banners in Photoshop:

3 – PowerPoint
Are you used to Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations only? Let us open the door to a new world for you. The program allows you to create both static and animated banners.

In order to create a banner you need to take a few simple steps:
  1. Open PowerPoint
Open powerpoint
  1. Click on the “ Layout ” button in the top menu of the program. Next, click on the ” Empty Slide “. Click Edit Layout.
Powerpoint banner design
  1. Create a banner to your liking. You can add text, images, etc. We recommend using company fonts and colors. Otherwise, choose one of the proposed designs.
Powerpoint colors
  1. Add company logo. To do this, click “Insert” – “Drawings”. Select a logo file and download it from your computer.
Powerpoint insert image
  1. Press the F5 key on the keyboard to view the banner.
  2. Save your design to your computer.
  3. Online designers
    Some sites offer free banner creation services. Thus, you choose the format and shape of the banner and you just need to add your photo and text. All elements are customizable (font, colors, etc.). Here are some examples of such generators:
Canva: is a simple and clear graphic design program. Many templates, customized forms allow you to create a banner of good quality without much effort.
Fotor Banner maker: a simple service with a nice interface. Offers both the most popular banner sizes, as well as colorful templates and the possibility of customization.
Pixlr: a tool similar to Photoshop, but with a more user-friendly interface. The choice of filters and editing options will pleasantly surprise you.
Picmonkey: another tool to create a quality banner. However, the generator requires you to purchase a premium package in order to have access to many functions, including filters, frames, fonts, and other pleasures.
Crello: a simple and intuitive interface will greatly facilitate your creative process. From the available fonts and templates, you will definitely find something to your liking.
Banner Design Tips
Agree, some elements stand out more than others? Therefore, it is important to think through all the nuances of design. Consider the key points.

File format
Remember that first of all the site should be easy to use. Therefore, the banner as an image should not be cumbersome and weight the page. Ideally, use a 50 KB file, the maximum size allowed is 150 KB. For static banners, JPG or PNG formats are recommended, and for animation – GIF.

DesignSince the banner is rather small in its structure, you cannot fit a lot of text there. Consequently, a visually attractive design will play on natural reflexes.
Keep an eye on the priority of elements: colors, fonts, logo, etc. It is better to use the details of the corporate identity of your company. For example, it is important to place a logo. If there is no logo, then you can create it in a few clicks using online services, for example, Logaster. After all, this is the first visual sign that will help identify the business. This way you will increase brand awareness. Take care and that the design of the banner harmoniously merged with the design of the page and the entire site.

Call to action
In order for the banner to work – think over the call to action, the so-called incentive for the visitor to go to the site. It is more likely that discounts, gifts, and other specialists will attract the attention of the client rather than just the text about the company.

Think about customers
Analyze the needs of your target audience. After all, this aspect will help create a successful design and the proposal itself. In case you need just clicks, you can limit yourself to the advantages and features of the product.

Don’t standstillLoss of efficiency often means that your banner has become part of the decor. Change visuals, add new offers, etc. After all, gradually the human eye gets used to what it sees constantly and therefore ceases to notice it. Especially often this happens when the client encounters it too often.
Creating banners is not that difficult, right? Yes, in most cases they should constantly change. But you also have something to say and what to offer to your audience!